A very high quality product, it is the best “long-lasting” anti-corrosion protection for metals. Easy to use, non-polluting, our product is also highly appreciated by the applicators for its great safety of use.



  • Perfect and extremely durable resistance to constant contact with sea water (permanent immersion), fresh water, hydrocarbons, organic solvents and numerous chemical products (pH 5.5 to 10.5).
  • Good anti-fouling action and extreme ease of cleaning marine dirt (Anti-pollution in full compliance with the decree 82-7-82 of 14.09.1982).
  • Perfect and extremely durable resistance to the corrosive actions of the saline atmosphere and sea spray.
  • Perfect and extremely durable resistance to constant contact with high temperatures (600° C = 1112° F) as well as to repeated thermal shocks
    temperature sectors are sea water, fresh water, treated water, boiling hydrocarbons, sea water or fresh water steam, gases or radiation.
  • Excellent vacuum resistance (e.g. boiler vacuum).
  • Perfect and long-lasting coating on already hot-dip galvanized surfaces.
  • Very good conductivity and perfect equi-potentiality. Can be combined perfectly with a cathodic protection system using sacrificial anodes, which it automatically takes over.
    Excellent welding primer: pre-treated metal elements can be welded together.
  • Very high resistance to mechanical shocks.
  • Phenomenal resistance to abrasion; the coating can be sanded, scratched, scuffed (even violently and repeatedly) without any risk of degradation or loss of efficiency;
  • Perfect adhesion of certain ranges of finishing products (additional technical data sheets suitable for many specific uses).


  • Wide range of application temperatures (unlike many protective systems).
  • Fast drying, greatly facilitating industrial processes.
  • Very safe to use: 100% inorganic, water-based, non-flammable binder, non-polluting, no fumes, non-toxic, non-allergenic, easy storage of both components.

Please note: our waterborne inorganic silicate zinc hardens with dry heat and not with humidity like ethyl silicate zincs; applied, for example, in 2 layers totalling less than 30 microns, all long term tests conclude that the protection is equivalent or superior to that of ethyl silicate zincs for a significantly lower weight of zinc metal deposited, which makes it very competitive.

Technical data


  • Binder: 100% aqueous inorganic, high technological design (specific gravity 1.18)
  • Pigment: zinc powder of very high specific purity (density 7.14)
  • Ready to use product. (density 2.676)


  • 3-4 m2 kilo for 2 coats (variable according to temperature, hygrometry, application and surface roughness).
  • DRY FILM (satin grey; 1 color only)
  • 15 to 35 microns max for 2 coats – 99 % zinc (85 to 90 % in contact with underlying metal)


  • Binder alone: 100% aqueous inorganic: non-polluting, absolutely non-flammable, no fumes.
  • Powder alone: group 32409 b, i.e. gives off flammable gases, but only if brought into contact with water.
  • Prepared product: No fumes, zero toxicity, non-allergenic; particularly well suited, for example, to the internal treatment of tanks or closed containers.

Note: only the powder packaged in boxes is subject to a safety label).


Knowing that 700 g of powder + 300 g of binder = 1 kilo of product, the kits can be split using a household scale (do not forget the tares).

Kit of 6 kg :

  • Powder : 4,2 kg
  • Binder : 1,8 kg


  • Very good; preferably protected from high heat and humidity.
  • Prolonged storage of the powder (+ – 18 months) may cause it to lose its floury consistency and to show zinc agglomerates (which may disintegrate when mixed with a little pressure).
  • Prolonged storage of the binder (+ – 24 months) causes a very small amount of liquid to be lost which slightly glazes the inside of the cans and sometimes leads to some deposits which can be dissolved by stirring well.

Note: this liquid can even freeze; it will be found intact when thawed.

IDENTIFICATION OF THE DATES of manufacture of the constituents of the product: possible according to the labeling of the pots and cans.


Instructions for use

Download Instructions for use